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Fall Checklist Can Help Address Injury and Property Loss Hazards

School is back in session, and with it comes the need to ensure that your premises are ready! Each Fall we provide a reminder to check facilities for some of the common causes of injuries and damage – the following checklist (originally released in the September 2010 Oracle) can help:

 –– Conduct staff orientation and review of board policies and procedures relating to:

  • Supervision
  • Code of Discipline
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Out-of school activities (use of permission/informed consent forms, OSBIE Ski Package, permitted activities, volunteer drivers, etc.)
  • Playground Rules (see OSBIE’s “Playing it Safe” playground guidelines)
  • Safe Arrival Checks and attendance record keeping
  • Collection/updates of student medical information
  • Board policy on administering medications
  • Emergency Response procedures 
  • Community Involvement Program
  • Take Your Kids to Work Program
  • Sports programs (See OPHEA Physical Education Ontario Safety Guidelines)
–– Promote the purchase of Student Accident Insurance;
–– Conduct orientation sessions for all volunteers;
–– Premises Maintenance: 
  • Trip and Fall hazards (repair of steps, walkways, parking lots, etc.)
  • Salting, sanding and snow removal routines
  • Playground inspection and maintenance programs
  • Log books for documentation of all maintenance activities
–– Review Technical Studies safety programs:
  • Machinery inspection programs;
  • Safety based training and progressive learning plans;
  • Enforcement of Safety Rules, Shop Safety Agreements, use of protective equipment;
  • Documentation of safety lessons and attendance records;
–– Review board security procedures for:
  • Visitor sign-in policies;
  • Locked equipment rooms, security cables, staff use policy;
  • Outside lighting, after hours use of school by staff, use of security alarms.
  • Temporary premises shut down/holiday procedure and Cold Weather Alert system in place.
Although this is not a comprehensive list, it does cover the key sources of losses for
both Liability and Property exposures. If your board would like more information
on any of these topics, or have questions about any other unique risk factors present
in your school, contact David Beal, Julie Welsh or Jennyfer Payeur at OSBIE.
David Beal
Director of Risk Management