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Auto Insurance Basics

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Ontario’s provincially legislated automobile insurance system and the OSBIE’s excess liability coverage for non-owned automobiles.

Claims Investigation Process

Ever wonder what’s involved in an investigation? This webinar will provide you with an outline of the claim’s investigation process, insurance coverage and the litigation process. It will help you understand the potential role you have and how you can be prepared to assist in the event of a claim being presented either against you, your school, or your board.

Community Use of School Insurance Program

This session provides an overview of our insurance program for Community Use of School Coordinators and answers the most frequently asked questions.

Concussions – Where are your risks?

This session will focus on identifying the risks schools face, identify the common sources of concussions in a school setting and discuss the challenges in managing this emerging risk. Also included are interactive case studies to demonstrate how the legal standard of care is interpreted and evolving to determine negligence for or against a School Board.

Examinations for Discovery

This presentation will provide an overview and the Examination for Discovery process and how school board staff can prepare.

Fraud Awareness

One of the insurance products that OSBIE provides is Crime insurance and this presentation will provide a brief overview of the coverage and how this exposure can be managed.

Get Ready for HELP Part 1

This short presentation is part 1 of a 2-part series to give board staff a step-by-step guide to prepare for the Human Element Loss Prevention (H.E.L.P.) program with an OSBIE representative.

Get Ready for HELP Part 2

This short presentation is part 2 of a 2-part series to give board staff a step-by-step guide to prepare for the H.E.L.P. visit with an OSBIE representative. Part 1 focuses on the board portion of the audit, and part 2 focuses on the school portion.

Incident Reporting Basics and FAQ

Every year, the OSBIE incident report system processes over 100,000 reports from across the membership. As with any system that processes a large volume of transactions, questions from our users often come up.

Legal Expense

Do you have questions about OSBIE’s new Legal Expense Insurance coverage? This half an hour session is dedicated to our newest insurance product.

  • Benefits and details of the coverage
  • Important exclusions
  • Claims process
  • Common questions Link

Liability Insurance Basics

One of the insurance products that OSBIE provides is commercial general liability insurance and this presentation will provide a brief overview of the liability insurance coverage offered to our member school boards.

Non-Owned Auto, Volunteer Drivers & Volunteer Coverage

The General Liability Policy excludes damages caused by the use or operation of automobiles. However, some of the Endorsements to the Policy bring in limited coverage for non owned vehicles. Meaning vehicles that are not owned by the board and/or any other insured under the policy, such as teachers, volunteers and vehicles rented for school board activities. This webinar will highlight those coverages

Releases, Waivers, and Informed Consents

This brief presentation we will provide an overview of the 3 most common contractual risk control tools and provide a basic understanding of each these documents.

School Board Negligence Claims

This session will review fact situations in school board negligence claims and assess the legal principles raised by them. It will address the underlying factual aspects of each situation, the applicable legal issues, and other issues which factor into the decision to try or resolve claims. Included is risk assessment for Distance Learning and some anticipated collateral risks associated with COVID-19 protocols.

Social Engineering

Learn about the new Crime coverage – Social Engineering, as well as an overview of the Crime Policy.

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